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Back End Development

The brain! Implement all the processes required and fulfill the
functionalities that final users are waiting for.

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Makes your product irresistibly attractive

Users may not see your back-end code, but they experience the power of those snippets through the product's functionality – from payment forms, to email opt-ins and social sharing and all the other alluring visual elements mapped out by our UX gurus and built with front-end code.

The truth is – without a reliable backbone (pun intended), your product cannot exist and function normally. You care about offering better services – our back-end web development services create efficient solutions to make that happen with a special love for high-load performance systems with enhanced stability.

Experience with the next technologies

You want an app that functions immaculately. You want the app that runs fast, doesn't glitch and generates lucrative ROI for your company and a ton of positive customer feedback. You need a web app to handle any type of user-load.

During the past decade our back end web development company has established an efficient development routine, based on the agile principles and industry's best practices.

How works?

After receiving your request, we start checking the viability of the project with our senior team conformed by a PM lead, UX lead, and Tech leads. In this first meeting, we can provide you the viability depending on whether or not it's suitable for a real design and development times according to our process.

When we have the GO from our senior team, the UX team start working on the user flow where we are going to see the possible paths that our user are going to face in the app or website; then we create the wireframes where we´ll see the structure, hierarchy, navigation, and prototype. After your approval, we continue with the design of those screens and also generating all the possible states that the user is going to find, like alerts, pop-ups, notifications, etc.

The next step is starting with the Front-end where we care about every pixel and proper grids that guarantee perfect well designed Digital assets according to your necessity or idea.

After this, our development team implements all the processes required and fulfill the functionalities that final users are waiting for.

Finally, our QA area will guarantee that everything works properly in multiple browsers and multiple devices based on your needs.

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