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Results into better products, delivered in less time.

In fact, investing in the quality of your final product is even more important than getting it right with the development. Why? Fixing bugs post-production can cost you up to 100 times more compared to when the defect is found during the design stage.

The unique speciality of our software development services is that we conduct test planning right along with architecture planning. This blended approach has helped us to reduce the amount of bugs to the bare minimum at Beta stages and halves time to market.

Automated Testing

You don't have enough time, stuff or budgets to manually test your product over and over again. In fact, the added costs of manual software testing shouldn't be eating up your budgets. Our software test automation services offer an accelerated approach to functional testing - impeccable results reached with less budgets and time spent.

The truth is - automated testing can do things even the largest manual testing teams can't. Controlled web application testing can simulate thousands of users interacting with your product at the same time.

Manual Testing

Users need to learn how to use your product on their own. No matter how robust automated testing frameworks are they still lack the capability to imitate user behavior. You can't expect where your user may enter a false value, fail to complete certain steps or just feel puzzled with the proposed navigation.

That's exactly where manual testing enters the scene. As our goal is to deliver an intuitive, simple-to-use and attractive product, we use exploratory testing to test the outlined UX, UI and design prior to development. This allows us to discover untapped bottlenecks and bugs, automated test cases may miss out.

How works?

After receiving your request, we start checking the viability of the project with our senior team conformed by a PM lead, UX lead, and Tech leads. In this first meeting, we can provide you the viability depending on whether or not it's suitable for a real design and development times according to our process.

When we have the GO from our senior team, the UX team start working on the user flow where we are going to see the possible paths that our user are going to face in the app or website; then we create the wireframes where we´ll see the structure, hierarchy, navigation, and prototype. After your approval, we continue with the design of those screens and also generating all the possible states that the user is going to find, like alerts, pop-ups, notifications, etc.

The next step is starting with the Front-end where we care about every pixel and proper grids that guarantee perfect well designed Digital assets according to your necessity or idea.

After this, our development team implements all the processes required and fulfill the functionalities that final users are waiting for.

Finally, our QA area will guarantee that everything works properly in multiple browsers and multiple devices based on your needs.

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